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Monday, July 30, 2012

Love ya arranged marriage?

Adam and Eve were destined to be together.
Was it a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

According to genesis 2, God first created Man .Then a garden with trees.Then animals he could name.
Unfortunately none of the above could be companions to man.Hence God put man to sleep and created woman from his body.
Thus indicating the creation of two from one and hence the fundamental of marriage- One being, two bodies.

So if you really ask me , love marriage and arranged marriage are two ways of uniting the two people who are a part of each other. If you believe marriage is destiny, then no matter how you were married, you are part of each other and will continue to be so and hence should be living happily ever after!

A love marriage sounds like the rosiest event on earth especially when you are a teenager who gorges on a heavy diet of Bolly-Holly romance.Once you reach the so-called marriageable age - all you pray to GOD is - Get me a guy/girl or i'm sure to get slaughtered! That is when words like love,arranged,love-cum-arranged seem just like words.All you want is that special person in your life , no matter how he/she enters it.
And here we are talking about people who live their lives in their own way, keeping aside strict traditional rules but playing entirely on destiny and rationale.

If we move our focus from the word DESTINY, and give in to the word TRADITION a lot changes right at this point.
Although both words are spelled differently both share the same implication- LUCK!
If you are destined to meet that special someone, it can be through your very traditional arranged marriage approach too!
Ask people the age of 50 and above, they can explain this better! Those times were different!
Of course I am talking about India.
We've become very liberal in our thoughts regarding marriage. Migration of population has caused a shift in the thought processes of people and also brought in an increased sense of awareness about other castes and religions.
At the end of the day, all i say is, no matter how you meet your soul-mate, If you think he/she is your soul-mate, then it doesnt matter whether the union was through a LOVE marriage or an ARRANGED marriage.
What needs to be kept in mind is, the groom and bride should be given the liberty to talk and discuss if they could be made for each other.
There is a thin line between love marriage and arranged marriage- If only that could be bridged!
This debate would never exist!

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Unravelling the Da Vinci code


It all starts with the death of the old curator in Louvre…and the coding of that secret he’d so well preserved!
Dan Brown writes here about the astonishing secret hidden from the world about the marriage of Jesus Christ with Mary Magdalene, a prostitute and their son!

Unraveling the Da Vinci code…

According to the findings by Dan Brown, Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene who has been portrayed as a prostitute for centuries! Leonardo da Vinci disclosed this fact (or fiction!) in his paintings and in a book in his own writing!
But why did Jesus marry a prostitute and how did Da Vinci know about it?

Who was Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene, for centuries has been portrayed as a prostitute. But the recent findings prove or may be direct towards the falsity of this belief! Had she been a male, she would ‘ve been rated on top in the list of Jesus’ apostles!
Then why was she believed to be a prostitute all these years?
May be this can make it clear…She used to stay along with Jesus and his apostles, to be more clear ‘men’. In those times, a woman moving around with men was considered to be of low character, or termed a prostitute!
But she was a true apostle in herself, the most respected & loved amongst Jesus’ female disciples!
Some believe she was a lady who was absolved of all her sins by Jesus, which again leads to the belief that she was a sinner, a prostitute!
There are some views regarding her identity based on her title ‘Magdalene’. At that time there was no place called magdal & the word Magdal means ‘tower’. This means she was respected and her respect was as high as a tower. So she was called ‘Mary Magdalene’, just like ‘Mary the Great’!
But there is a place called ‘Migdal’near Jerusalem, as found from recent research, again putting us in doubts!
But how did Leonardo da Vinci know about their marriage?


Leonardo da Vinci was a man of great proficiency in numerous fields. He was an Italian painter, philosopher, mathematician, scientist & engineer.
A notebook in his own writing was found where clues about the marriage of Jesus and Mary are found. He’s not been clear throughout but whatever he couldn’t put in writing he has portrayed in his art viz.‘The Last Supper’!
If he knew this was true, why did he hide this & how did he come to know this?
Da Vinci was the member of ‘Prieure de Sion’, an organization that passed on this secret through generations! It had the most illustrious intelligentsia who were also opposed to the church, as its members. Isaac Newton was one of them! Da Vinci was labeled the grandmaster of ‘Prieure de Sion’. It had its own army called the ‘Knights of Templar’.
So what prevented Da Vinci to disclose this secret? The organization? NO. Da Vinci lived in a period, which was quite illiberal. Had he spoken this out in public, he wouldn’t ‘ve been spared! Already opposed to the church, he would ‘ve invited further danger to his existence.
This is the reason why he portrayed it in his paintings. Only a keen observer could break the artistic code in his work!
Da Vinci was a man well ahead of his era. Its said about him, ‘When Leonardo da Vinci woke up from sleep, he found that the rest of the world was in deeper slumber! He understood the wave nature of sound & appears to’ve understood the circulation of blood (a century before *Harvey).
But did Pieure de Sion really exist? Some evidence about it is found in a book called Dossier’s SECRETS in the library of France.
According to Jack Basserman, the author of ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, Da Vinci was a crazy man. It’s possible that he could’ve done it as an act of artistic sarcasm! On the contrary it’s also believed that he was a strange & cagey person so its possible that he used his paintings to do the talking!

*William Harvey (1578-1657)-physician, chief discovery was the circulation of blood.

Did Jesus really marry Mary Magdalene?

Let us now see many of the evidences that point to the fact that Jesus & Mary Magdalene were married and had a son!

1. In all the three instances of reappearance of Jesus after his crucifixion, he appeared before Mary first! Though for some time it was thought that he had appeared before Peter first! Why would Jesus appear before her first instead of his apostles?

2.In one of the reappearances, as is depicted in many paintings by different artists of that time; Mary wants to hug Jesus desperately. Jesus says, “Don’t touch me because I’m in the stage between life & death”. At that time, why would a woman want to hug a man unless she was married to or had some relations with him?

3.The Last Supper-

This painting by Leonardo da Vinci depicts Jesus’ last supper with his 12 apostles where he himself prophesied that one amongst them’d deceive him!
This painting was perused to reveal astounding conclusions! The Holy Grail (cup) from which he drank is not shown anywhere in the picture .In fact the whole table is shown without any cup on anyone’s side! Where did the Holy Grail go? But the Holy Grail is very much there! The Holy Grail ‘d contained Jesus’ blood, which Mary Magdalene is believed to’ve kept with her! And there is a lady in the picture to Jesus’ right. So the Holy Grail was Mary herself as she was carrying Jesus’ child, his blood!
If that person is Mary Magdalene then where is John? It only means that Mary replaced John in the last supper! But there’re people who say that the lady like person is John and not Mary! This is because John was a boy of around 17 & hence didn’t have the moustache! His hairs ‘re shown long just like Jesus. Two conflicting views on the identity of a person!
Furthermore, that person is sitting at an angle such that it makes a V-shape with Jesus. Since times before Da Vinci, ‘V’ has been the symbol of ‘womb’; which again leads to the conclusion that it is no one but Mary Magdalene pregnant with Jesus’ child!

The gospels in the New Testament

There are 4 gospels in the New Testament: gospel of Thomas, gospel of John, gospel of Luke and the last one is the gospel of Mary Magdalene. This gospel says that Mary often kissed Jesus on his… at this point the page is torn! This could, however, fit in any word like mouth or foot. This envied his apostles! At that time only a wife would kiss a husband!
Besides these 4 gospels about the life of Jesus, there were many more gospels, which were not included in the New Testament. The church supposedly destroyed them! Why did the church do this? Was there any such fact in those gospels, which the church wanted to hide? Or else why would they obliterate them? They must’ve contained something the church was opposed to, that’s the reason why the New Testament contains only 4 gospels when so many of them were written!
But there is one gospel about his childhood, which says that whenever Jesus lost a game, he’d use his magical powers to harm his friends! This sounds rather ridiculous! Thus all the gospels do not speak the truth!
One incident in these gospels is between Mary Magdalene & Peter where Peter asks Mary to tell him all that Jesus told in the apostles’ absence! To this Mary replied that she‘d tell not only what Jesus told her but also what he’d hidden from them! And she replied that Jesus loved her more than anyone else. Hearing this, apostles were annoyed & in disbelief they told Mary that Jesus would never love anyone more than his apostles & Mary started crying.

5.There are some more paintings, which indicate they were married. There is one in which Mary is shown applying oil on Jesus’ feet with her hair. This was an ancient Jewish custom during marriages in which the bride would apply oil on her groom’s feet through her oiled hair!

6.Mary was also present during his crucification along with her mother. She was once found near his burial weeping in silence alone.

7.After his crucifixion, Mary fled to France as she was carrying Jesus’ child & hence was in danger. There she gave birth to him & thereafter his descendents tied knots with royal families in France and spread everywhere. She is said to have brought the Holy Grail with her. The family of Saint de Claire is said to be the protector of the Holy Grail since centuries. This is one of the descendent families who’ve their last name ‘Sinclair’. But a meeting with this family could not confirm that they were his descendents.

What do we believe?

Putting all these pieces together, we can only say that ,may be its true …Jesus was indeed married to Mary Magdalene. In Jewish culture at that time a boy was married as soon as he turned 20.May be the church could not believe the fact that a saint can marry & so they never brought out this fact. Da Vinci code by Dan Brown is not the first book that asserts this, but is based on the book’ HOLY BLOOD & HOLY GRAIL’, by Henry Lincoln who himself believes in this fact completely. Well now it’s up to us to believe it or not!


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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Moi blogs

Moi blogs

Spare me!

With every blink of the eyelid
it flashes like a beam…
No,I didn’t capture him
God!Could this be…
Oh! spare me!
Wake up from deep slumber
my eyes gleam
I dreamt of him
God could this be…
Oh! Spare me!
Walk along the lone road
his thoughts walk along
my path blooms with roses
God could this be…
Oh!spare me!
Why don’t I hold
the emotions so gripping
Wherever I look,its him
God could this be…
Oh!spare me!


I wake up on dawn chorus
bees whizzing past me
A day in the woods
in the melodious spring
A perfect recipe for daydreaming! I slip into the shower
& look into the mirror
discover a pretty damsel
Miss India ’06
A perfect recipe for daydreaming! Get ready for college
I’m walking through the campus
see a hunk out of the blue
him and me on a date!A perfect recipe for daydreaming! I’m attending a class
the lecture’s baking me in the heat
Feel like jumping in cold water
perhaps, swimming the seas
A perfect recipe for daydreaming! My raison d’etre though
is not daydreaming all my life
But I know it brings me closer
To what I really want to achieve!


A shell in the sea
or a pebble on the beach
a nut in a nutshell
or a germinating seed
a dew on the leaf
or a thorn on the pea
a petal of an orchid
or tentacle of an arachnid
a touch of a mother
or a sting of the bee
a pleasant breeze
or a polluted sea
a smile of a child
or frown of a pauper
a bird in the rain
or a rainbow colouring the empyreanDon’t just float
delve into the deep
the more you swim
the more you see
thy soul is boundless
keep exploring,keep discovering
till eternity…

Friday, May 20, 2005

Mea Culpa

As moonlight washes the sunlit sky...
A mother caresses her starving child.
A penurious farmer beseeches for rain...
A harrased lady breathes her last.
The godsend raindrops heavily descend the sky,
its not rainfall,but heavenly tears...
its the lord bewailing to see...
his creations in pain.