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Friday, May 20, 2005

Mea Culpa

As moonlight washes the sunlit sky...
A mother caresses her starving child.
A penurious farmer beseeches for rain...
A harrased lady breathes her last.
The godsend raindrops heavily descend the sky,
its not rainfall,but heavenly tears...
its the lord bewailing to see...
his creations in pain.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


I got down from the college bus...had come to the city to get print-outs.
'PANIPURI' i exclaimed. Its something i just can't resist! I was with megha,even she loves it.
We went near that panipuri stall...looked here & there...saw no one except a small kid of 10 or 11 ! He asked,"What do you want?" We knew this little kid would certainly not be running the stall so we hesitated,"Uh...umm...we want panipuri.Where is the stall owner?"He replied with great pride,"I'm the stall owner,it's my stall!"And we looked at each other in disbelief.I chuckled.
He gave us good service, yummy panipuri actually!He was quick...GOD!.. look at him small...
yet so bustling!!!I was curious to know more about him...but megha(she's very talkative!)
popped up a question immediately,"Do you go to school?""Yes" ,he said with doubled pride! "I go in the morning & then after coming back i come here.""You run this stall all on your own?"
"Yeah! but my uncle(chacha) comes along too."Oh..ok",we were a bit relieved!
A group of four came & sat for bhel(another yummy snack!).His hands moved like a typists on a typewriter! He did everything 'fatafat'('quickly'in hindi).He was a truly adorable child(NO don't call him so..he's the MAN of the stall!).

Looking through this kaleidoscope , i first felt sad about the little kid working when these 're his days to a carefree life.

Looking through it the second time, i felt proud of the child. He's studying, he's enjoying his work....yes..he's living his life to the fullest!!!

Look at me, at 20, still on my dad's realization of the pains taken to earn a single penny! Learn from him!!!
(Remember ila this is a lesson!)