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Monday, July 30, 2012

Love ya arranged marriage?

Adam and Eve were destined to be together.
Was it a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

According to genesis 2, God first created Man .Then a garden with trees.Then animals he could name.
Unfortunately none of the above could be companions to man.Hence God put man to sleep and created woman from his body.
Thus indicating the creation of two from one and hence the fundamental of marriage- One being, two bodies.

So if you really ask me , love marriage and arranged marriage are two ways of uniting the two people who are a part of each other. If you believe marriage is destiny, then no matter how you were married, you are part of each other and will continue to be so and hence should be living happily ever after!

A love marriage sounds like the rosiest event on earth especially when you are a teenager who gorges on a heavy diet of Bolly-Holly romance.Once you reach the so-called marriageable age - all you pray to GOD is - Get me a guy/girl or i'm sure to get slaughtered! That is when words like love,arranged,love-cum-arranged seem just like words.All you want is that special person in your life , no matter how he/she enters it.
And here we are talking about people who live their lives in their own way, keeping aside strict traditional rules but playing entirely on destiny and rationale.

If we move our focus from the word DESTINY, and give in to the word TRADITION a lot changes right at this point.
Although both words are spelled differently both share the same implication- LUCK!
If you are destined to meet that special someone, it can be through your very traditional arranged marriage approach too!
Ask people the age of 50 and above, they can explain this better! Those times were different!
Of course I am talking about India.
We've become very liberal in our thoughts regarding marriage. Migration of population has caused a shift in the thought processes of people and also brought in an increased sense of awareness about other castes and religions.
At the end of the day, all i say is, no matter how you meet your soul-mate, If you think he/she is your soul-mate, then it doesnt matter whether the union was through a LOVE marriage or an ARRANGED marriage.
What needs to be kept in mind is, the groom and bride should be given the liberty to talk and discuss if they could be made for each other.
There is a thin line between love marriage and arranged marriage- If only that could be bridged!
This debate would never exist!

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Blogger Rohit Saxena said...

Hi! Ila,

Interesting to see such a post...
Here I have a very different opinion or few things to said it right that there is a very thin line between the two forms of marriage...I have one all the people who unite through LOVE or ARRANGED marriage are really soul mates? Most of the times so called LOVE marriages happen out of fatal (sic) attractions and ARRANGED marriages are outcome of compromises (very few understands the difference between a compromise and adjustments)...

Now if we ask any 50+ old couple they will always say.."don't you think that we are in love with each other"...I would like to say this to all of them...once we live with a person for a longer time..we tend to love them...we develop a kind of affinity with them...but this doesn't make the two soul-mates...

I still have a lot to say..and you will be surprised to know that I was thinking to write a blog post on somewhat similar topic :-D ...hopefully you will see one such..soon...

Keep writing...
Rohit Saxena

2:01 PM  
Blogger Jackie Harrison said...

Wow I learn from this I do not know if I will like to be in that situation.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

Impressive post!

11:32 AM  

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